About Us

Akosua (ah-ko-soo-ah) Apparel is an online clothing brand, founded in 2018, by Kendra Kermah. It is a line inspired by African culture with its clothing made with mostly African patterned materials. Developed to embrace the woman as she is a Queen! #iamQueen.

Kendra Kermah is an African American woman whose roots derive from Ghana, as both her parents were born and raised in the western region. Kendra did spend some childhood years living in Ghana and goes back every few years to visit her family.

Akosua, in Akosua Apparel, is a Ghana name given, based on the day, when a female child is born. Akosua comes from being born on Sunday. Kendra’s Ghana name is Akosua and found it fit to name her clothing line so, to tie back to her African Culture as well as recognize the other women in her family who take on the same name.

For more information on the brand please email info@akosuaapparel.com